Main 5 reasons to avoid Windows Phone and keep your Android/iOS phones

We all know Windows Phone has its own faults, thus here are our prime 5 reasons to avoid Windows Phone and let it mature a little more.

Application system

While I love Windows Phone’s lovely begin Screen with Live Tiles. You may like apps to fill the screen. But this system is presently Microsoft’s biggest downfall, even four years since its initial unleash. Several in-style-applications together with Snapchat, Tinder, WatchESPN, SoundCloud, Square, Secret and plenty of additional, are still missing. In recent months, we’ve got seen the favored arrival of applications like Tumblr, Pinterest, and ooVoo. Games are the same old story, whereas we’ve got a set of nice games, several of the highest quality games we tend to see on different.

However, the downside doesn’t simply finish there. Windows Phone includes an assortment of apps that have created their excess of, however are inferior to their different OS counterparts. Spotify is associate application that lags behind on Windows Phone – pop over to automaton or iOS to determine what you’re missing (including access to your music by albums, artists, etc.). The identical goes for the Twitter and Instagram that perform well, however are missing new key options that are introduced since the apps were last updated.

Windows Phone’s third party hero developers may be have excellent differences to some applications like Instagram, however there aren’t enough to justify the various holes within the app system. Note, we tend to simply talking concerning main apps, not even obscure applications for native business, that are not possible to search out. It is often tough to survive on Windows Phone, unless you’re associated with app junkie.

Device Compatibility

Windows Phone support problems don’t finish with applications, there’s additionally difficulties with hardware devices. Third party smartwatches are simply the start of devices that don’t work with Windows Phone; among stone, MetaWatch, and Galaxy Gear – none work with Windows Phone. Sure, the Microsoft Band has currently offered, however you’re fastened into Microsoft’s own selection. This issue is partially thankful to the very fact that Windows Phone didn’t provide the required developer API to expeditiously manage good devices. Microsoft recently discharged associated update for Windows Phone that currently makes it attainable, however when reaching bent on some completely different smartwatch suppliers, we’ve got found that only a few have any priority for Windows Phone.

Smartwatches aren’t the sole devices that lack compatibility. There are varied fitness devices and even automotive integration systems that don’t work properly with Windows Phone. whereas my very own Toyota is unable to try and do something over send and receive calls with a Lumia 1520, add a Galaxy S5 with automaton, and also the automotive will do rather more, together with causation text American states sages and permitting me to access my inbox.

Lack of Customization

You can arrange your Live Tiles, choose your new favorite color, and perhaps even add a background – that’s wherever customizing Windows Phone’s begin screen and OS stops. If you don’t like a side of the phone, say the keyboard, there aren’t any choices to swap it out for one more. Microsoft has created certain that core system elements can’t be modified, and whereas this could not be difficult for a few, several people became aware of swapping in our favorite keyboard, dialer, or SMS app.

Now Apple has recently begun to embrace swap-ability in iOS system. Microsoft will manage to tug ahead once it involves customizing the unlock screen, however if you aren’t pleased with your start-up screen launch methodology or different varied system elements – regrettable.

Limited Multitasking

Microsoft introduced multitasking with its Windows Phone seven ‘Mango’ launch. If you’re like American state, you’ve got been gaily mistreatment the feature and enjoying it, however if you look outside the Microsoft system, you discover different systems do the identical job higher. To start, Windows Phone places a limit on the quantity of applications you’ll be able to run within the background. Different operational systems, like automaton and iOS, don’t have such a shallow limit. you may realize that whereas mistreatment Windows Phone, apps get pushed out of the background, which may be a difficulty if it absolutely was one thing you sincerely required.

With the increase of Phablets, we’ve got additionally screen makers, like Sony and LG, adding multi-app viewing to their devices. A Samsung Galaxy user will simply ‘snap’ 2 apps face by face, and I realize that it will be really helpful whereas responsive emails and attempting to write notes at the identical time. Windows Multitasking isn’t unhealthy, however it’s behind the curve.

Slow Adoption Rate

Lastly Windows Phone hasn’t precisely shot out of the gate. Recent market studies show that Microsoft’s mobile OS is gaining traction, however at turtle speed. Slow adoption of associate OS might not appear instantly necessary, however it will require client expertise.

Due to the very fact that Windows Phone isn’t as in style as its competitors (and isn’t trying prefer it can be) makes developers additional cautious once developing applications or providing device support.

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