Google Fuchsia OS: End of Android

Google Fuchsia OS: End of Android

Google is planning to launch its latest third OS called Fuchsia OS after Android and Chrome OS. It might replace the Android OS supports from the latest smart phones. Fuchsia will look totally different than android operating systems. It will be built on new micro-kernel called Magenta. We know android runs on Linux Kernels on which the devices got slow and battery drained quickly. But, fortunately Magenta is a new modern micro kernel developed in Apple’s swift programming language. Thus, it will enhance the user interface experience.

Google is planning to launch this OS not only in smart mobiles but also in latest laptops and modern computers also. More with that Google wants to connect every device under its belt thus it can be embedded in microphones, speakers, cameras etc. The beginning version of Fuchsia would be called Armadillo. In which users can drag and drop apps to home screen and everything will be presented in the scrolling list. New apps will be developed for this SO. But, it may support APK apps also as some part of this OS is built in Flutter SDK which similarly worked in androids.

Fuchsia also abandoned Java with Linux as they are trying to make modern concepts with latest AI powered languages that can seamlessly connect all the apps within. Fuchsia would be much better than Android, more secured, more user friendly, more robust and more intelligent to use. The Beta version of this OS is available recently in the market but it will take 2-3 years to override by the stable version in the running market.

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